Institutions: Deliver the Street

TradeStream provides unprecedented control over incoming and outgoing transactions. Give trader customers the freedom to do what they do best-trade-and financial institutions and broker-dealers the ability and resources to concentrate on growing and protecting their business.

Accelerate Transactions

Gain split-second execution performance at a lower cost than with conventional systems. Traders have instant access to market data that enables them to make quick, confident trading decisions and to fully enjoy the freedom of trading on multiple global markets. The result: more active trading.

Manage Risk

Powerful back-end functionality allows firms to manage day-to-day and long-term operations more efficiently. Real-time risk mitigation tools help to ensure operations run smoothly. Trading firms find added value in the ability to monitor all levels of activity from individual accounts to branch-, enterprise- and market-wide activities.

Protect Existing Technology Investments

With TradeStream’s modular system, trading firms can expand the value-added services provided to customers by increasing functionality gradually or all at once. There’s no upfront financial or technical commitment. A TradeStream solution is completely scalable, fully customizable, and easily and cost-effectively integrated into any existing enterprise environment