A Proven Success Formula

TradeStream’s methodology has consistently provided successful implementations that are on time and within budget. It has been used for more than 5 years with implementations worldwide. Key elements to this “success formula” include:


In the Analysis Phase we complete a review of client business processes and system requirements. Clients are asked to review and endorse the key deliverable, a Requirements Document prior to moving forward.

Key activities include:

  • Planning the project
  • Collecting all master and transactional data files and history
  • Conducting requirements-gathering interviews, business analysis review sessions and business process improvement sessions
  • Documenting data migration and integration strategies
  • Preparing and reviewing functional requirements


In the Design Phase, TradeStream presents how the recommended system will be designed and implemented at the client site. The proposed system design is delivered in the form of a System Design Document (SDD) and optional service demonstrations.

An Implementation Proposal, including a go-forward budget and project schedule, is presented to the client’s steering committee members.

The Fees & Timing section of the proposal must be agreed upon before the client endorses the SDD and Implementation Proposal.

Key activities include:

  • Conducting JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions with project team members
  • Finalizing data migration and system integration plans
  • Preparing a system test plan
  • Preparing and presenting the SDD to the project team
  • Preparing and presenting the implementation proposal to the client
  • Signing off on the SDD and implementation proposal


In the Development & Testing Phase, customizations to the business system are developed and tested by TradeStream.

If elapsed development time will exceed 3 weeks, development work is divided into builds of 2 to 3 weeks each. Clients are asked to test each build as it is delivered and set up at the client site.

Key activities include:

  • Developing any necessary software changes (e.g., modifications to tables, forms, processing routines, and interfaces)
  • Implementing the back-end system (set-up of system settings and business rules)


During Implementation an acceptance walk-through completes the full deployment of the system at the client site. All user training is completed, and the system goes live.

Key activities include:

  • Finalizing the system set-up
  • Entering or migrating transaction history and data
  • User training
  • “Go Live”


Once the system goes live, TradeStream is available to ensure that the client’s business objectives are achieved, implemented features and functions are understood, and users are properly trained. TradeStream’s first line of support is our experienced telephone support group. In some cases, we will send professional services staff to the client site. In our experience, many new ideas occur once clients become familiar with their new system and its flexibility. Throughout the Support phase, we evaluate opportunities for optimizing and adding to the system to ensure that it continues to be the optimal solution.