Broker-Dealer Benefits

  • Through TradeStream’s innovative pricing schedule broker-dealers are rebated for every customer signed
  • Save money through TradeStream’s reduced transaction costs
  • Provide customers with the right tool for the right job: offer basic, intermediate and professional software packages to match the needs of traders
  • Focus on customer care instead of paperwork or manual processing
  • Increase trading volumes by providing customers with direct market access key exchanges, including the NASDAQ, the NYSE, the American Stock Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade
  • Execute multiple orders over NSDQ and ARCA networks and many more
  • Improve record accuracy and contingency planning with the built-in record-keeping tool
  • Keep current on all customer trades and positions by accessing account information which includes details on all transactions, positions as well as order status
  • Save time by automating entry tasks such as reserve and stop orders, basket trading and smart orders