What Makes TradeStream Analytics An Industry Leader?

Focus on Business Value

TradeStream Analytics understands the importance of putting every investment dollar to its best use to deliver high value and positive business returns. From design to deployment, TradeStream Analytics focuses on maximizing return on investment by allowing customers to offer superior functions at a low cost.

Technology that Works

All products are designed from the ground up to support equities, futures, options and currencies in multiple markets, in multiple languages and with multiple currencies. TradeStream Analytics gains an international advantage with this ability to service active traders worldwide. The latest programming strategies and network technology power TradeStream-Analytics with the speed and efficiency necessary for successful trading.

Thorough Follow-Through and Support

TradeStream Analytics works closely with its customers and stands behind its products with unsurpassed support. The company’s experienced, licensed trading professionals, project managers and software developers enable TradeStream Analytics providers to successfully manage and maintain high-caliber service to their customers in three countries.

Service Commitment

TradeStream Analytics’ goal is to provide customers with the highest possible business value. Solutions are delivered on time and accurately at an agreed price. The fixed-price approach underscores a commitment to deliver and support applications so that customers can reduce their operational costs.

Comprehensive, Flexible Solutions

Choose a solution that fits your business model. Simplify the overall trading routine by letting traders work with equities, options and futures from a single platform. Front-end choices range from a browser-based application to advanced trading applications, FIX server interface and automated trading. Cutting-edge compliance, risk management and client management provide exceptional back-office options to reduce administration costs and improve liquidity.