Risk & Compliance Management

Monitor and Reduce Firm ExposuresManage risk across all asset classes and maintain optimal liquidity. TradeStream reduces a firm’s exposures by identifying risky trading patterns and setting limits by trader, zone, position, size and many other definable settings.


Major Features
Manage Positions for Compliance check_red (1K)
Select Routes and Quotes check_red (1K)
Set Compliance Rules by Account check_red (1K)
Monitor all Traders’ Profits and Losses check_red (1K)
View all Open Orders check_red (1K)
Monitor Total Position in real time check_red (1K)
Monitor Overall Exposure in real time check_red (1K)
Alert Risk Managers on Limit Breach check_red (1K)
Monitor the real-time Alert Ticker check_red (1K)
Set Limits specific to Accounts, or based on P/L check_red (1K)
Lock Out Trades check_red (1K)
Revoke Tools Access as necessary check_red (1K)
Cancel Trades check_red (1K)