A single point of contact for customers.
TradeStream project managers have extensive industry-based experience and guide the development and implementation process to ensure the smooth integration of different applications, existing transaction infrastructures, order routes and data feeds.

The right team with the right expertise.
TradeStream teams are responsive and reliable, reacting to client needs with creative and practical solutions based on direct experience with the industry.

Local presence, complemented by a global reach.
TradeStream provides a local as well as a global presence for your implementation, and our professionals have a clear understanding of the different requirements involved in projects that cross country and city borders. We provide a network of service providers that deliver local and customized end-to-end solutions.

Standard solutions for greater cost-effectiveness in the short and long term.
Our developers are aware of the added costs involved in implementing and updating systems that are highly customized and therefore encourage clients to select standard solutions with the minimal amount of customization.

A strong commitment to providing ROI.
Our solutions deliver more functionality for the money, since they reuse units that our professionals have developed for different customers using the same standard solutions.