TradeStream is about management power and choice. Unlike canned technology, TradeStream offers a customizable solution that fully satisfies client needs. Institutions, broker-dealers and trading customers can match the right tools to the right job. From Web-browser technology to advanced trading platforms, TradeStream offers a full range of trading interfaces and back-office management solutions to support any business model.

Advanced Functionality. Exceptional Value.

Customers are never restricted by a single solution. TradeStream solutions, based on a single platform, can be easily tailored to meet the needs of any size of trading institution and any type of trading customer. Each module can be adapted to accommodate needs as they evolve. Customers can also choose from a range of service and support packages suited to their technical and operational requirements and budgets.
TradeStream customers enjoy all the benefits of an advanced trading platform combined with the convenience of low cost of ownership and ease of expansion.

Street-Level Access: Tools for the Trade:

  • Tradestream Mobile – For on-the-go traders, investors and new traders. Features basic charts, quotation information and easy-to-use direct access order entry for futures, options and equities for Blackberry, Palm, and iPhone mobile handsets.
  • Tradestream Online –  For light-volume traders, investors and new traders on the web. Features basic charts, quotation information and easy-to-use order entry for futures, options and equities.
  • Tradestream Professional – This flagship front-end EMS is for high-volume and advanced professional traders in the securities industry who require up-to-the-second quotes and position information coupled with the decision support tools necessary for confident trades.  Provides superior analytics, advanced position management features and powerful execution tools.  Multilingual interface supports worldwide applications.
  • Tradestream Ultimate Strategy – Ultimate Strategy is our most advanced user interface.  This trading platform incorporates all the features of the Professional EMS and adds automated trading, programmable strategies, back-testing and advanced pattern recognition charting, all of which allow you to find and make the most of every trading opportunity.  Just drag and drop to program automated strategies in minutes, starting and stopping such strategies in seconds with the click of a mouse. TradeStream Ultimate Strategy is designed for the most advanced technical traders, hedge funds and institutions.
  • Trading, Administration and Client Management– Back Office is for institutions that need to easily set up and maintain customer accounts, control client access to a variety of information feeds and market execution routes, set compliance on that basis, and manage client buying-power. Brokerage executives can also set market parameters, update stock split information, alter ECN charges and input clearing house information, among other activities.
  • Risk and Compliance Management – Risk Manager is for institutions that need to monitor and manage all accounts in real time. Identifies risky trading patterns and allows managers to set limits by trader, zone, position, size and many other definable settings. The system alerts risk managers when traders have surpassed their limits.