Set Street-Smart Controls

TradeStream Analytics’ flexible solutions for institutions provide traders with varying degrees of control starting with basic order entry and running all the way to automated trade entry options. All solutions provide free access to TradeStream Analytics’ FIX engine, real-time market delivery, multi-route connectivity, and clearing and settling lines. In addition-and at no extra cost-TradeStream Analytics’ back-office trading and account management applications coupled with its risk and compliance management solutions enhance an institution’s ability to identify and mitigate risk.

Trading Tool Options
TradeStream Online TradeStream Mobile TradeStream Professional & Ultimate Strategy
Trade Futures, Options, Equities check_red (1K) check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Decision-Making Tools check_red (1K) check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Real-Time Quotes check_red (1K) check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Charts check_red (1K) check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Order Management check_red (1K) check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Position Management check_red (1K) check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Analytic Tools check_red (1K) check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Advanced Charting check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Advanced Order Entry check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Advanced Position Management check_red (1K) check_red (1K)
Advanced Scripting check_red (1K)
Position Statistics check_red (1K)
Automated Trading check_red (1K)

TradeStream-Analytics Standard – For high-volume and professional traders who require up-to-the-second quotes and position information coupled with the decision support tools necessary for confident trades. Multilingual interface supports worldwide applications.

TradeStream-Analytics Professional – Software for advanced and professional traders. Provides superior analytics, advanced position management features and powerful execution tools.

TradeStream-Analytics Strategy – The most advanced user interface for traders who must keep on top of market fluctuations and positions. Includes automated trading, programmable strategies, back-testing and advanced pattern recognition charting.