Institutional Benefits

  • Encourage loyalty and activity by significantly lowering online transaction fees and reducing subscription fees
  • Expand existing revenue streams by cross-selling premium services
  • Develop new product offerings by permitting users to select the information they need: Level 2 data, news, derivatives, new markets, etc.
  • Encourage 24/7 trading on multiple global exchanges and increase scope and trading volumes by enabling traders to place multiple execution orders over INET, NSDQ, ARCA networks and other ECN routes
  • Mitigate risk in real time by monitoring users’ positions continuously for outstanding trades and positions
  • Ensure maximum availability and stability with TradeStream’s combination of proven and reliable software architecture and a strong backbone of redundant lines and data centers
  • Gain valuable business insights through sophisticated market monitoring and analysis tools and determine which parts of the business generate revenues
  • Efficiently manage customers through easy account set-up and maintenance features