Market Data Fees: Asia Pacific

TradeStream is a registered vendor of record and is required to charge the following market data fees. We do not mark up data fees and your payments are sent directly to the relevant market monthly.


Asia Pacific Region


Australia Securities Exchange  
ASX Level 1 / Level 2 45.00(AUD) 37.50(AUD)
Sydney & New Zealand Futures Exchange  
SFE & NZX Level 1 35.00(AUD) 35.00(AUD)
SFE & NZX Level 1 / 2 50.00(AUD) 50.00(AUD)
Hong Kong Stock Exchange  Choose only one.
HKEX Equities Level 1 HK$120.00 HK$120.00
HKEX Equities Level 1 / Level 2 HK$ 200.00 HK$ 200.00
Hong Kong Futures Exchange  
HKFE Futures Level 1 HK$25.00 HK$25.00
HKFE Futures Level 1 / 2 HK$25.00 HK$25.00
Bombay Stock Exchange  
BSE Level 1 + Indices $12.00(USD) $12.00(USD)
National Stock Exchange of India  
NSE Equities, Futures & Options Level 1 + Indices 300 INR 300 INR
JASDAQ Securities Exchange  
JASDAQ Level 1 ¥400.00 ¥50.00
Osaka Stock Exchange  
OSE Level 1 / Level 2, Nikkei Indices ¥1000.00 ¥40.00
Tokyo Stock Exchange  
TSE Level 1 / Level 2, Indices ¥2000.00 ¥110.00
Korea Stock Exchange  
KRX Level 1 / Level 2, KOSPI Indices $25.00 $25.00
KOSDAQ Level 1 / Level 2 $13.00 $13.00
Singapore Exchange  
SGX Equities Level 1 3.00 (SGD) 3.00 (SGD)
SGX Derivatives Level 1 42.00 (SGD) 3.00 (SGD)
Taiwan Stock Exchange  
TSEC Level 1 NT$600.00 NT$600.00
GreTai Securities Market  
Taiwan OTC and Bonds Level 1 only 1000NTD 1000NTD


These fees are based on current information and best knowledge at time of posting and may be subject to change. Please consult the individual markets for most up to date information. While we make our best efforts to continuously update this info we cannot guarantee this information is current at all times.