Broker-dealers: Offer the Street For Less

Broker-dealers get more for less. TradeStream gives them the ability to offer customers the most advanced direct access trading available-while providing revenue generation for the brokerage. All solutions provide free access to TradeStream’s FIX engine, real-time market delivery, multi-route connectivity, and clearing and settling lines. TradeStream helps broker-dealers gain a new level of efficiency and control by giving them the tools to manage accounts efficiently. The end result: efficient customer service and reduced operational costs.

Win The Race Against Time

Making fast, accurate decisions is every trader’s goal. TradeStream provides fingertip access to the essential information they need to manage trading with intelligence and make rapid, sure-footed decisions.

Offer Rapid Execution

The TradeStream product suite matches the requirements for any type of trader, and offers the ability to execute trades quickly and efficiently-regardless of volumes, markets, products or currencies.

Encourage Trading

TradeStream has proven itself in some of the industry’s most demanding trading environments. Intuitive toolsets include unique hot key features, advanced charging, and customizable options provide ease of use without compromising functionality. Trading customers access analytical information for fast, confident decisions and the tools to execute them instantaneously. The only missing elements to a near-perfect trading equation: overhead and the customer learning curve.