Proprietary API & Custom Development

Many customers prefer us to support their existing protocol, real time database replication, drop copy, or to use our advanced protocol.

Real Time Database Replication

We have successfully implemented real time Oracle and SQL replication systems for passing account, trade and funding information in real time.

Drop Copy

Some customers prefer us to FTP or email, FIX, whole table or other record formats for import to their back office, order management systems or mainframe database. We support this in daily batch and every 5 min formats.

Our Advanced Protocol

Our advanced protocol is proprietary and socket based. It is faster then FIX and supports additional functions not available in the FIX system. Our basic integration (step 1) allows for real time streaming of quote and order data. Our advanced integration (step 2) can also support request / response historical queries to our database and transaction system.

Your Existing Protocol

To support you, we have full time staff dedicated to interfacing and coding unique customer requirements on a project by project basis.